Sinisa Mihajlovic does not seem to be in appreciation of the fact that people and media operate with extreme emotions and they go from praising a manager to all of a sudden asking for the removal of him.

Mihajlovic was quite irritated that the talks of his removal have started to surface again post the Sassuolo match. He reckons it is not beneficial for the team if the manager is put under this constant pump.

Mihajlovic didn’t try to defend himself though and neither did he try to explain that particular Sassuolo defeat with different excuses. He, in fact, accepted that there’ve been mistakes committed by him on certain occasions in his stint.

But, according to him, whatever ideologies he has looked to implement or whatever he has done, there have been ambitions behind that. Yes, not everything has worked, but, professional Football is a difficult environment to be in and patience is the key at times.

Mihajlovic was in the company of the Milan chairman Mr. Berlusconi for a couple of hours the other day and he came out of that meeting wearing a nice, positive expression on his face.

It is assumed Mr. Berlusconi might have echoed his thoughts regarding where the team is and how it should go forward and might also have given him some much needed security about his job.

While, Mihajlovic did not talk in detail as far as that meeting was concerned, he did say that the Sassuolo game was discussed a little bit.

Mihajlovic also added that he has been long enough in the game to understand how it works and that is why, he is not too restless. He intends to regard the contract that he had signed initially and would like to complete it.