Anthony Hudson claims that he is happy with the performances of the team in recent matches, and he is hoping to utilise the two-week camp in order to claim success in the Oceania Nations Cup.

This camp will be of massive importance especially considering that New Zealand do not have any matches scheduled in the month of March. As a result, there is a danger of the team being short of match fitness. The tournament will start in Papua New Guinea towards the end of May. One of the disadvantages for New Zealand comes about in this regard since their opponents do not have any shortage of matches in the next few months.

This is largely because they are involved in World Cup qualification. New Zealand have been on a brilliant run of form for the last few months. This has raised expectations of the national team, but Anthony Hudson is yet to prove himself in a major tournament. New Zealand have not been involved in a competitive match for almost 7 months. The lack of a proper match experience cannot be replaced easily with just a two-week training camp learning Yacht Charter Croatia. Even then, Hudson remains confident of doing well in this tournament.

“We’ve only qualified, I think, at three out of the last seven or eight [Nations Cups]. That just goes to show.We have no divine right to just turn up and qualify. It is going to be very tough.I believe we have enough [to win the tournament] and I believe we’ve got the ability, the quality and the mentality, but the key is the preparation.In all of this, the biggest bit of hope for me is we have a really good group of players that are committed and honest.The last Nations Cup is still really fresh in everyone’s mind and the players want to make sure we put that right,” said Hudson.