LA Galaxy midfielder Nigel de Jong said that he was happy to be playing again after his injury. Indeed, the Dutch player has missed the last 5 games because of suspension and injury.

He said that it was a good thing to be playing again and that he will be doing his best to help the team.

He returned for the game against San Jose Earthquakes but unfortunately could not see his side hold on for the victory. LA Galaxy conceded a late goal in order to draw the match.

Nigel de Jong said that he was disappointed with the result but that the team will have to pick themselves up for the next games. He stated that you cannot concede a goal in the closing stage of a match and that as a team you should remain focus until the end of the game. The team will have to discuss what went wrong and found a way to prevent the same thing from happening again.

Nigel de Jong made an impressive appearance though and looked to be quite in form. His energetic display help protects the LA Galaxy defence, and he was instrumental in controlling the play from midfield.

Steven Gerrard said that it was the presence of Nigel de Jong that helped them defensively and that he is pleased that he is back in the team. He believes that with more training as well as more games he will be able to gain some fitness and become even better in midfield. The former Liverpool midfielder said that de Jong is a top player and that it always good to have talented and experienced players in the team.

De Jong said that it was unfortunate that they could not win the game, but they will have to regroup for the next match.