We have been seeing a lot of LA Galaxy this season as the team has been doing well in the consecutive games and moving up the ranks in the MLS.

The recent game that was much focused upon being the game they were scheduled to play last weekend against Seattle. There have been certain changes that have been introduced into the lineup of players in the game. For instance, Nigel de Jong and Ashley Cole are players who have been key players for the team, but they were not to play the match against Seattle Sounders. Many might have wondered why the team would not be having them play in the match against Seattle Sounders.

It has been said that Nigel de Jong, along with other players in the defense have played well for the team and helped to build the defense for the team. It would definitely be a more difficult task for the team to keep off players like Clint Dempsey and Jordan Morris off their back when their defense would miss players like Nigel.

The reason that Nigel could not play the match against Seattle is that he received a red card in the last match that the team played against the Vancouver Whitecaps. The challenge he took up was reckless on his part, though he did that in the spirit of the game and to defend his team. However, key players like him need to be more pragmatic in their approach and cautious in their behavior on the field. That is because the success of the team depends on these crucial players and their absence from the team can impact their performance in future games. With experience and more games to play, it is hoped that Nigel will rise to the occasion and prove to be a more reliable team member of the club.