The kung fu action of Thomas Muller on Ajax has become pretty popular across the world. The history of football shows illustrious predecessors, even at Bayern Munich.

Muller played his record game for Bayern Munich with a premature finish on Wednesday. The game of Champions League had been offer following the karate kick of Muller and the victim being Tagliafico. In the meantime, the two players have reconciled. The Ajax linkback is known to have accepted the apology publicly from German.

Eric Cantona, the karate trap such as Muller before had marred the arena of Eric Cantona is from the year 1995 and this too has been pretty popular. Even though the action had not been aimed at the opponent, he had focused on his anger after he got a red card on the challenging Crystal Palace fans Matthew Simmons had got Katona’s foot on his chest. This action took him half a year.

Another kung fu action had been by Nigel De Jong. This had burned the retina of Nigel de Jong. The orange midfielder from the eye of the world had planted the foot on Xabi Alonso’s chest in the finals of 2010. Howard Webb, the referee had considered of giving a yellow card as the right punishment.

Muller is also known to have some predecessors at Bayern Munich. In the year 1999, Oliver Kahn, the goalkeeper had put himself in the present match against Borussia Dortmund. The action that he took against Stephane Chapuisat, the BVB stroller didn’t just give him the red card but also came up with a nickname, Kung Fu Kahn.

Only a few years ago, the player Thiago Alcantara had also caused a furor. He did karate in the match for the cup with Bayer Leverkusen in the year 2015. Stefan Kiessling had been the victim but he had been saved with just a yellow card.