Ever since Siniša Mihajlović was appointed as the head coach of Ac.Milan back in June of 2015, Nigel de Jong has been getting less time on the playing grounds and it has reached a point where the Dutch midfielder is simply not happy being in the Italian club and this is mainly due to his lack of playing time.

Seeing Nigel de Jong on the sidelines of Ac.Milan is a huge surprise as the Dutch midfielder was a huge star a few seasons ago when he was a constant starter in San Siro. Nigel de Jong has made a huge impact in the Italian club with his tireless work rate and no fear of tackling down an opponent, there was a point in time when he was being labeled as: ‘’The New Gennaro Gattuso’’

Nigel de Jong wants to get more playing time in the pitch but it doesn’t seem like its going to happen as Siniša Mihajlović has other things in mind and the Dutchman is not expected to renew his contract with the Italian side. This is the opportunity that Leicester City to sign Nigel de Jong.

Leicester City has already shown interest in signing Nigel de Jong and now that the Dutch player is not satisfied in his current club, this the moment for the Premier League club to swipe in and secure the services of their target which might happen in the winter transfer window.

Claudio Ranieri will face competition from Manchester City as Manuel Pellegrini is believed to also be interested in signing Nigel de Jong as he has displayed some impressive capabilities in the pitch. Having Nigel de Jong in your squad is like having an extra layer of defence who isn’t afraid to go down and steal the ball away from the opposition and this is what Ranieri as well as Pellegrini both want to add into their respective squads.