Former Manchester City midfielder Nigel de Jong believes United are far behind their once noisy neighbors and they may never recover from the distance in the foreseeable future.

According, to the Dutch, just like everyone that is really honest with themselves, Manchester United are now miles behind Manchester City no matter how many press coverages and shirt deals Ed Woodward whips out of his magic hat.

Since Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down from the manager’s box, Manchester City have gone on to dominate the Premier League. Winning it 4 out of 6 times.

For De Jong, the site of United still rubbing shoulders with the continent’s best in terms of everything that goes on off-field, is simply down to the history behind the club. Sir Matt Busby was the first manager to truly put them on the map but Ferguson ensured that generations to come will keep on talking about Manchester United.

The former FIFA World Cup runners-up medalist who was known for his brash way of taking on opponents when playing as a defensive midfielder didn’t hesitate to use the same harsh approach to summarize the current plight of Manchester United.

Correcting United players by telling them what they want to hear and giving them a pact in the back is something that have never worked on any side serious enough about competing at the highest stages of world soccer.

From Ferguson’s hair dryer treatment to Mourinho’s reverse psychology critics of his own players in front of the press, one constant remains and that it that the two remain the most successful of United managers in recent times.

Hanging on to past glory was a game Liverpool spent over two decades playing till Manchester United dominated the English game thanks to Ferguson and over took them as the most successful team in the land.

Manchester City are about to do the same thing.