Danny Blind’s statement has put him in the firing line of the Social media fan-base of Liverpool. Regarding Wijnaldum, Blind stated that the playmaker had complained to him of having a bit of stiffness in the hammy area much before he had to retire hurt because of that same hammy in the Les Blues match.

And it was that statement by which he gave it away. Now that is where all the fume of the Reds faithful is coming from that if Wijnaldum had spoken to the coach about his trouble already and the coach also knew that he was going to be needed by his club in a huge Premiership clash soon, was it morally correct of him to ask the player to play on even after that?

And, the coach here is nobody else but Danny Blind and Danny Blind is special in this case because someone very close to him is serving Manchester United. That’s his offspring Daley. So, did his offspring’s association with United motivate Blind to make it a point that Wijnaldum played on with that hammy so that Liverpool could lose a vital personnel in the centre of the pitch?

Certain twitter users from Merseyside have that opinion for sure. Here are a few tweets for you to have a look-
“Danny Blind kept Wijnaldum going. Well, no prizes for guessing why?”

“One of our Dutch players plays with injury on national duty, now uncertain for club duty. We all know whose dad the Dutch coach is.”

“Well, Well, Well, Wijnaldum was hurting and Danny Blind was not unknown. No substitution however, Man U connection maybe?”
It’s a serious blame on Danny Blind, but, who asked him to be that that direct with his words? He perhaps could have hidden that he had the knowledge of the developing injury of the player.